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Engaged Educators provides three services within their business division:

1. Presentation Analysis
2. Presentation Building
3. Harbour Masters Master Mind Groups

Presentation Analysis/Building

We all have a message we want to get out there.  We all have gifts that we want to give to the world and make some money while we do it. If you wish to make your business flow and grow then you must master the most inexpensive way to promote your message and that is public presentations. 
The reality is this:  Unless you message is well developed, artfully crafted and charismatically delivered, your message will be lost. 

Let the team at Engaged Educators use their expertise in education and their understanding of how the brain processes information to assist you in crafting and delivering your messages, presentations, written materials and workbooks to attract maximum attention and retention.

Harbour Masters Master Mind Groups

Harbour Masters business groups allow entrepreneurs to learn from each other and share their triumphs and defeats in a safe supportive environment.  Sharing ideas, strategies and experience truly signifies: Together Everyone Achieves More.

A number of exciting formats are coming your way.