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Welcome to our Engaged Educators website! Our business covers three different divisions: Business, Parents and Students.


Engaged Educators fills a void in the small business “presentation” market.  By using their expertise in education and their understanding of how the human brain actually processes information, the “Engaged Team” provides small business and solopreneurs with presentation analysis, presentation building and coaching services.  Follow the link at the top for more information.


Lani Donaldson, co-founder of Engaged Educators, is currently working on her book specifically for parents on "How to Navigate the School System".  The book will be a helpful guide in how to keep the school system accountable for your child's education.  Since the accountability is lacking in the school systems, there are a lot of frustrated parents out there who have no idea how to address certain issues as they come up.  Follow the link at the top for more details!


Do you know how to unlock your potential? Coming up soon, Engaged Educators will officially launch the best study skills program that is on the market.