The New World of Learning – Part I: COVID-19 and It’s Impact on Us

The Now World of Learning - Part I - COVID-19 and It's Impact on Us

The clock strikes midnight! You run from your palace thinking do I move forward or stand still? Just like Cinderella did, you continue to move forward, in a marathon fashion. COVID-19 has landed. It’s ‘GO’ time!

Our students are our number one priority and the question wasn’t whether this or that; it was how quickly can we react and get online. Parents expected it and we could not let down our students. Now was the time to showcase our expertise and our agility. It’s ‘GO’ time.

At Engaged Educators, the COVID -19 lockdown happened just as our students were leaving for spring break. That meant family holidays were cancelled, and a new normal had to be established.

Our instructional staff and administration shifted their plans immediately to get 100% online. New units were developed, platforms had to be created, and teaching styles shifted.

Our NAS Project (Private School) rose to the challenge.

Within days, we were online. Our administration had used video conferencing for years but had never used it within the context of teaching during a pandemic. Teaching online is very different from in-person, and we wanted to make the transition as smooth as possible for our students. The first day was a little chaotic, but once we got the rhythm established, it began to slide into a very functional, valuable, and rewarding process.

Engaged Educators is rising to the challenge as well.

Our flagship “one on one” individual reading program, reading comprehension, essay writing, and study skills programs are close to their online virtual launch.

Our students are so resilient.

Our students are exceptional human beings. They range in age from 8 – 13 (grades 3 – 7). Each child came to us because they didn’t seem to fit the conventional system, and their parents knew there had to be a better way. At Engaged Educators and The NAS Project, in particular, we get it – not all geniuses learn the same.

The Solution: teach the way they learn.  Our students enjoy all the benefits of small classes, personalized learning, and lots of one on one time. The NAS Project has been designed that way since its beginnings and will continue to offer that specialized service as we scale and grow. Switching that up to an online, interactive program took some ingenuity, further innovation, and good, old-fashion teamwork. 

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