The New World of Learning – Part II: COVID-19 and Our Lessons Learned

The Now World of Learning - Part II: COVID-19 and Our Lessons Learned

It’s week 8 of self-isolation and we’ve had some time to breath – not to be confused with relaxing, however. We’ve settled into somewhat of a new normal with our little ones adapting alongside. We’ve seen parents assisting teachers, teachers assisting parents and students assisting parents. The new world of learning has officially emerged and it’s game time!

What have we learned so far? 

  1. Parents have become teachers.

Parents are getting a sense of how challenging it is to be a teacher. From lesson planning to learning balance to assisting with developmental opportunities, you have all started to feel the push and pull effect of teaching.

  1. Gaps in learning emerge.

In some cases, parents are seeing first-hand that their child may be struggling in some skill set areas (primarily in the areas of reading, writing, and math). It is good to note that these are the primary building blocks of learning and communication.

  1. Face-to-face cannot be replaced.

There is also an underlying realization that without live, interactive lessons, the learning simply does not translate well for many children. We must not forget the power of this.

  1. The questions have started.

The fundamental flaws and shortcomings of the standard educational systems are beginning to surface. How come my child doesn’t know this? Why wasn’t my child taught this? The questions that are surfacing indicate a break in system.

What we need!

The way we educate our children must change. We need to teach our children how to master the fundamental building blocks of learning regardless of how they learn. We need a nation of lifelong learners. We also need to teach our children how to communicate with machines and to master the skills AI cannot do. Teach them to be compassionate, empathetic, and above all, innovative. Bring on the creativity!

Let’s have a conversation about your child today!